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The Law Offices of Jonelle Ocloo, LLC (LOJO) is a premier, full-service immigration law practice dedicated to quality representation. LOJO serves corporate clients and individuals in all areas of immigration and nationality law including:

Employment-based Immigration:
  • Work Visas/Status (H1B, L1A, L1B, TN, E1, E2, E3)
  • Employer-sponsored green card
  • Immigrant Petitions for Foreign Workers
  • National Interest Waivers (NIW)
  • Green cards for Multi-national Executives and Managers
  • Self-petitions for Immigrants of Extraordinary Ability
  • Outstanding Professors and Researchers
  • Physician NIWs
  • PERM Labor Certification
Family-based immigration
  • Marriage-based green card cases
  • Fiancé Visas
  • Spousal Visas
  • Immigration Petitions for family members (children, adult sons & daughters, brothers and sisters)
Naturalization / Citizenship
International Student Issues/ F-1 Student Visas
VAWA green cards for victims of domestic violence

Contact Information
Law Offices of Jonelle Ocloo, LLC

6700 Alexander Bell Drive
Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21046

Phone: (410) 884-3131


Visa Bulletin (Edition: APRIL 2015)
Note: Table information is pulled from

Family Sponsored All Chargeability Areas
Except Those Listed
F1 01AUG07 01AUG07 01AUG07 01NOV94 01FEB05

F2A 01AUG13 01AUG13 01AUG13 08JUL13 01AUG13

F2B 22AUG08 22AUG08 22AUG08 01FEB95 01APR04

F3 08FEB04 08FEB04 08FEB04 01APR94 08AUG93

F4 15JUN02 15JUN02 15JUN02 08JUL97 22SEP91

Visa Bulletin (Edition: APRIL 2015)
Note: Table information is pulled from

Employment Based All Chargeability Areas
Except Those Listed
1st C C C C C

2nd C 01APR11 01SEP07 C C

3rd 01OCT14 01JAN11 08JAN04 01OCT14 01OCT14

Other Workers 01OCT14 15AUG05 08JAN04 01OCT14 O1OCT14

4th C C C C C

Certain Religious Workers C C C C C

5th Targeted Employment Areas / Regional Centers and Pilot Programs C C C C C

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What can you expect from LOJO?

  • Professional and prompt service
  • Knowledgeable advice from an experienced attorney
  • Accepting U.S. immigration cases in all 50 states and abroad
  • Flat fees for most case types (so that you know how much the case is going to cost you). You can plan and budget for the cost of your immigration case with LOJO’s fair rates.
  • Call now for an initial consultation at a fixed fee. If a case is opened within 30 days of the consultation, the consultation fee will be applied towards the legal fee.

About Jonelle Ocloo

Jonelle Ocloo is a graduate of Yale Law School. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. For the last eight years, she has practiced immigration law exclusively. Prior to opening her own law practice, Ms. Ocloo was an associate at the Murthy Law Firm (one of the nation’s largest immigration boutique law firms), where she was Supervising Attorney of the Green Card Department. Before she joined Murthy Law Firm, Ms. Ocloo worked at Just Law International P.C. in Virginia, where her practice focused on immigration law.

Ms. Ocloo is Chair-Elect of the Immigration Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association and she is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Disclaimer: The Law Offices of Jonelle Ocloo (LOJO) is not your attorney and does not represent you until you sign a legal representation agreement (LRA).
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